Sport mixer Shaker 0.6 l Blender bottle

The Sportmixer Flip Tritan shaker offers versatility, spill protection and a firm grip - everything you need for your active lifestyle. This hybrid bottle combines excellent design with practicality and offers premium mixing properties for your favorite green drinks.

  • Firm Textured Handle: Enjoy a great feeling when holding the bottle thanks to the textured handle, which ensures that you hold your shaker firmly and comfortably without it slipping out of your hand easily.
  • Fit slim shape: Brings comfort when traveling by car. It fits nicely into the drink holes/holders so you can enjoy a fresh drink on the go.
  • Safe and healthy construction: As with our previous shakers, you can be sure that the Sportmixer Flip Tritan is made of high-quality BPA Free plastic, which is healthy and safe for everyday use.
  • Dishwasher safe: For easy maintenance and cleaning, the new Sportmixer Flip Tritan shaker is dishwasher safe. So you don't have to spend unnecessary time washing it by hand.

BlenderBottle® products are protected by several US and international patents.

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