What should we search for when choosing a green food distributor?

The only way to assure a clean and high-quality product is to carry out regular analysis and controls of all steps of green food production. Many distributors think this process is demanding and costly. So, the producers play an important role in defining the quality of green food.  In practice, unfortunately, the quality of green food does not often correspond to BIO or quality certification of the company.

Scientific studies proved a beneficial impact of green food on our health. However, we must ensure their safety, quality and hygiene. Green Ways products can be consumed in the long term and we can recommend them to all age groups and categories of citizens.

 Examples of low-quality products:



We can sometimes find a warning sign regarding pregnancy or breastfeeding on the product labels. These products may contain chemical additives or the steps of the production may not have been properly adhered to. Low-quality cultivation or juice-extraction of green barley may result in a substantial content of grass fibre or gluten in a product. In this case, we cannot safely recommend the product to all age groups.
We should also know that some products do not always contain only chlorella. They are sometimes mixed with other algae such as spirulina. 


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