our story

Our story

Our story

We were born in Opava (a small town in the Czech Republic), where we attended elementary and high school. Our parents always used to take us on holiday and taught us to be as independent as we can. Travelling has remained our hobby until today – we both love getting to know other countries and cultures as this can inspire and enrich us.



I graduated from a faculty pharmacy in Brno and afterwards I participated in clinical research at Charles University in Hradec Kralove. I currently work as a pharmacist in London, where I also attend aesthetic medicine training. In January 2014 I joined Green Ways company, whose vision amazed me, therefore it  made sense to me to follow this pathway.



Like my sister, I embarked on a pharmaceutical career at Masaryk University in Brno, because I realized the range of work opportunities in this field. At the moment, I’m conducting clinical research in pharmacotherapy with patients who are overcoming their addiction to drugs. I started consuming what we have termed green food” together with my sister and we spread this trend in our family. My hobby is making natural face masks and following new cosmetic and make-up trends.


Why did you decide to establish this concept?

Adriana and Patricie: We see the huge impact of social media and plastic surgery on beauty trends literally every day. We based our concept on the principle that our cells and body need to be fully nourished and healthy. Afterwards, aesthetic treatments can help us to correct our body flaws.

How did you come up with the title Authentic Soul ?

Adriana a Patricie: Authentic is involved in the official name as we want to point out the uniqueness of each individual. Soul means we should listen to ourselves and not blindly follow society.

What do you consider important regarding e-shop?

Adriana a Patricie: The contact with our clients does not end for us once they’ve bought a product – it is actually a starting point of communication. Customer service is fundamental to us. We listen to our clients’ needs and we would like to know their experience with our products, a well as advising them on how to use them.  Our aim is to keep our clients satisfied and make them feel comfortable to contact us anytime.

A few words to end with 

Adriana: 'I truly believe everybody should realize their dreams. We should never wake up with regretful thoughts about our actions.'

Patricie: 'I strongly believe it depends on our point of view on how we see the world around us. Beauty is everywhere - somebody finds it in nature or space and somebody in a simple, quiet, and gentle lifestyle.'

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