weakened immune system

Weakened immune system

Why is immunity important to us?
Immunity is the ability of the organism to defend itself against pathogens originating both from the external environment and from the internal environment of the organism (virus, bacteria, tumour cell). Immunity triggers the body's immune response to pathogens.
Weakened immunity results in more frequent infectious diseases, such as various viruses, flu, bacterial infections such as angina, but also gynecological problems or urinary tract infections.

What does 'improving immunity' look like in practice?
In the area of viral and bacterial diseases, we are getting to a state where we are sick less often than before. Individuals who have often been sick until now, whether they are children or adults, will recognize the biggest change in terms of their health. Another significant effect is a significantly shorter course of illness and recovery. Although we sometimes cannot avoid infections, the body is apparently better at handling them. Supporting immunity means that the body will use its ability to regenerate and to self-heal. Immunity improvement is one of the fastest and most common effects that we can notice in ourselves after adding green food to our diet.

How can green food help?
In the simplest way, we could define it as: A well-cleansed and nourished body works better. It affects all organs and processes in the body, including immunity. Immunity is also made up of cells, influenced by external factors, led by diet and lifestyle. It is the same with the other cells of our body. With a deeper look, we can describe more areas in which green barley and chlorella are involved in supporting a strong and healthy immune system.

  • Support of mucosal immunity and formation of IgA antibodies.
  • More IgA in breast milk to protect baby.
  • Improvement of the intestinal microbiome and thus a positive effect on immunity and autoimmune reactions.
  • High chlorophyll content - antibiotic effect.
  • Chlorellin in chlorella - a natural antibiotic.
  • Immunomodulating effect - support of the correct function of cells of the immune system.
  • Prevention of the development of cytokine storm - exaggerated response to infection.
  • Supply of vitamins and minerals important for normal immune function.
  • Psychological support and reduction of stress hormones that 'reduce' immunity.

Other factors also contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system, which we cannot not always detect scientifically, or we have only partially understood until today. We always have new knowledge in the field of green food and we already know that barley and chlorella are great for immunity. They are not a miracle cure - even with them we can get sick, because other factors also affect us. However, they are always a great support for the body and it is good to reach for them as part of the prevention and support of the treatment of infections.

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