clinical studies

Clinical studies

Are the beneficial effects of green barley and chlorella scientifically proven?

Green food or superfood is usually associated with superlatives and we might sometimes think that their effects are almost impossible. Hence, we become sceptical towards this topic and our attitude can negatively change. Even though there are many studies explaining their benefits, there are still many effects which we cannot explain from a scientific point of view. Let’s have a closer look at what we know about the relationship between science and green food / superfood.


The beneficial effects of Chlorella pyrenoidosa have been proven in over 7000 clinical studies and their number is  still increasing. Green barley juice attracted many physicians and scientists in the past century as it was considered the most beneficial functional food in preventing many diseases of civilization.

You can find the results of many clinical trials by searching the  keywords: chlorella” or green barley” in PubMed or Google Scholar database.

The company GreenWays (GW) published a Collection of studies” in 2014, which is accessible on GW e-shop or GW advisors. Various articles and educational materials were created together in collaboration with research teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Moreover, a wide range of healthcare professionals support GW and contribute to strengthening research activities.

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