how is green ways super food different?

How is Green Ways super food different?

How is Green Ways super food different?

General manager of the company Eng. Martin Zamboch published a document Standards of Green Ways quality”. In this publication, you can find out about the process of gaining ISO 9001 and HACCP certification, the history of green food, information about sensory (smell and taste) and safety analysis showing us the precise numbers of heavy metals and gluten in chlorella and green barley. Also included is a breakdown of micronutrients, nutritional value and other elements.

The company is completely transparent and the information about the whole process from the sowing of green barley up to the final products is easily accessible. Similarly, you can find out all the steps of chlorella growth, right up to its final form of powder or tablets.

You can fully trust your Green Ways advisors as they are green food specialists and they have vast knowledge about the cultivation, processing and delivery to the customer. Before launching any batch of green food onto the market, the company performs a chemical analysis. Because of this process, the company guarantees that all products contain a number of elements that are safe for the human body, as well as ensuring the highest quality and safety of green food.

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