anti-aging benefits of green superfood

Anti-aging benefits of green superfood


Foundation is the key to everything. In terms of our body, we are talking about the cells that form the tissues, which then provide the primary element for our organs and the whole body. So we should always try to make the cells as healthy as possible. In addition to beneficial effects on health and fitness, barley and chlorella also have an effect on slowing down ageing.

At the cellular level, we can observe the following effects of green foods:

  • Quality nutrients: Sufficient nutrients and essential substances are an absolutely necessary factor for maintaining the viability of cells and their function
  • Better oxygenated cells: Support of blood formation thanks to the high content of beneficial latex such as iron, chlorophyll, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C and zinc.
  • Detoxification of the organism (removal of chemicals and waste substances): Chlorella and barley have excellent properties regarding continuous detoxification of the entire body. Accumulations of waste substances and chemicals such as heavy metals, dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls or organophosphate pesticides.
  • Antioxidant delivery: A broad spectrum antioxidant is essential for proper cell function. Antioxidants prevent the development of civilization diseases and act as a prevention against premature ageing of cells.
  • Regeneration of damaged cells and DNA: Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and other substances help in the regeneration of cells and tissue
  • Beneficial effect on telomeres: Our chromosomes contain so-called protective ends - telomeres. The shortening of these telomeres results in ageing. According to research, chlorella and barley contain substances that slow down the shortening of these telomeres.

Specific anti-ageing effects of barley and chlorella:

  • Prevention of excessive cell damage and slow ageing
  • Improving the function of damaged tissues and organs through regeneration
  • Excessive help in the prevention and treatment of disease (immunity support)
  • Overall support of physical and mental condition. The effects can be observed in athletes, in sexual activity and also in the area of cognitive functions (memory or concentration)
  • Prevention of civilization diseases and improvement of blood values - cholesterol, sugar level, liver tests and blood tests
  • As a bonus to chlorella and barley, there is an aesthetic improvement - it improves the quality of the skin, hair, and nails and rejuvenates the appearance


Quality green foods like (GW chlorella and barley) are an elixir for rejuvenation. However, not all the benefits will come immediately. The benefits and effects of green superfoods that we often don't even expect will appear with long-term and REGULAR consumption. They have a positive effect on the functionality and condition of all cells in our body, which induces positive changes in our entire body.

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