bioactive creams green ways

Bioactive creams Green Ways


Green foods (barley and chlorella) have been used in dermatology and cosmetics, where they have benefits together with other natural cosmetic ingredients.

What are the effects of Green Ways Bioactive Creams and why is it worth including them in your daily loving skincare?

Basic properties of creams

  • They support the proper function and health of the skin, which is affected by both internal (nutrition, drinking regime, level of stress, etc.) and external factors
  • Morning and evening care is important for all skin types. The routine consists of the following steps: 1. cleansing the skin with a gentle product intended for this purpose (water is not enough, soap is not suitable), 2. toning and 3. subsequent hydration.
  • GW bioactive creams are an integral part of the 3rd step in skin care and are therefore used in the morning and evening after cleansing and toning the skin.
  • Both creams are harmonizing and have beneficial effects on the skin microbiome and the skin's protective lipid layer. They also support natural functions and regeneration processes in all layers of the skin.
  • Both creams are also suitable for sensitive individuals and can be applied around the eyes. In practice, they also prove effective for very inflamed skin.
  • Although dermatological tests for therapeutic use have not been carried out, we can see from practice that they are very effective for eczema, psoriasis, inflamed and painful skin (corners, nose during a cold), rosacea, etc. It brings very quick relief for eczema.
  • Both of these creams can be combined with any natural and conventional cosmetics. Their softness and quick absorption make them an excellent base for decorative cosmetics.
  • The beneficial effect of creams is usually noticeable already at the first use. Over the next weeks and months, it becomes more pronounced as the cells in all layers of the skin are gradually renewed.
  • Creams last 2-4 months with daily use on the face, neck and décolleté

Quality, purity, perfumery, preservation

  • The high functionality of the creams is ensured by the exceptionally high content of bioactive components and their interaction. These are cosmetics of exceptional quality and purity.
  • Cosmetics has received the strictest international certificates for organic natural cosmetics Cosmos Organic. The creams consist only of natural (99%) and nature-identical ingredients (1%).
  • The delicate fragrance is ensured by a purely natural patented ingredient. The creams do not contain any irritating synthetic perfumes.
  • All ingredients are vegan, not tested on animals and non-GMO.
  • A small amount of naturally identical substances ensures preservation. However, this amount is far below their permitted limits so the creams meet the requirements for naturalness and non-irritation and meet the conditions of certification.
  • All cosmetic products must contain preservatives, both conventional and natural. Essential oils that are used for preservation in natural cosmetics pose a great risk of irritation and allergy, or other ingredients that are natural but have their limits (worse preservation properties, the need to lower the pH of the cream at the expense of the skin microbiome, etc.). The use of naturally identical components is therefore preferable.

Day cream GW

  • This cream ensures all-day hydration of the skin and its protection from external and internal influences (e.g. UV radiation, the influence of smog and chemicals, free radicals, stress, etc.).
  • Other main effects supported by studies include calming and accelerating skin regeneration, support of the skin's natural microbiome, reduction in the formation of black dots, revitalization and anti-aging effect.
  • The cream does not contain UV protection, which would prevent the formation of vitamin D. Protection against the negative effects of UV radiation occurs inside the cells.
  • The main active ingredients of the day cream are barley water (from barley stalks), cold-added Barley GW and Chlorella GW, patented microalgae extract Algaktiv BioSKN, cold-processed organic extract from silver linden buds, vegetable squalane, coconut cetiol and macadamia oil.

Night cream GW

  • Deep regeneration of skin cells and DNA after a day's stress significantly accelerates regeneration processes and rejuvenates and brightens the skin.
  • Other main effects supported by studies include deep nutrition and hydration, reduction of wrinkles and firming of the skin.
  • The main active ingredients of the night cream are barley water (from barley stalks), cold added Barley GW and Chlorella GW, patented microalgae extract Algaktiv Genofix Nite, almond oil, vegetable squalane, coconut cetiol and macadamia oil.


Both of these Bioactive creams harmonize all skin types and support the skin's natural beauty. Their exceptional composition and at the same time purity make them ideal cosmetics for long-term use by teenagers and adults of all ages. In practice, the healing effects of creams and their gentleness on irritated skin in both adults and children are also evident. Regular use of creams as part of morning and evening care supports the skin microbiome, the skin's protective lipid layer, deep hydration and skin nutrition or regeneration processes, and protects skin cells from external and internal stress. Creams optimize sebum production - increase hydration and elasticity of dry skin, reduce oiliness and the formation of blackheads and acne in problematic skin. Thanks to this cosmetic, the skin is healthier, more flexible, brightened, and the formation of wrinkles and premature ageing of the skin is reduced.

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