healthy weight with chlorella and green barley

Healthy weight with chlorella and green barley


Spontaneous weight loss is a common additional effect of green foods (green barley and chlorella), especially when it comes to overweight people. On the other hand, green barley and chlorella help gain weight in individuals who do not manage to do so in the long term. What can we expect from green foods and why is it not the same for everyone?

Weight changes at the beginning of consumption of chlorella and green barley

  • Most people notice detoxification of the intestines and of the whole body in the first months of consuming chlorella and green barley, which can then lead to a weight loss of several kilograms.
  • There is also often a decrease in fluids that are excessively retained in the tissues in connection with accumulated unwanted substances and/or impaired function of the lymphatic system.
  • In some people, the body tends to retain fluids for some time during detox, and the effect can therefore be the opposite - a temporary increase in weight.
  • Cleaning the digestive tract and improving its function leads to better digestion and absorption of food. Paradoxically, we can rather gain weight if the diet is not balanced. We do not gain weight from green foods (from chlorella and barley), but from other components of our food, which we then need to focus on.
  • Beneficial weight gain is common in people with nutrient deficiencies, digestive disorders and problems with being underweight, lack of muscle mass, etc.

Weight in long-term consumption of chlorella and green barley

  • Green foods (chlorella and barley) support a healthy metabolism, hormonal system and the associated fat breakdown, reduce levels of stress hormones, and diminish cravings for healthier food, quality sleep and other processes important for weight loss in overweight and obesity, or to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Some people lose a lot of weight when they include barley and chlorella in their diet. It is not that they are a special weight loss preparation. Rather, they comprehensively support a healthy metabolism and related processes.
  • If eating barley and chlorella is not enough to reduce weight, it is necessary to focus on lifestyle and mental health more comprehensively.
  • Consumption of barley and chlorella increases the effectiveness of exercise, improves fat burn during sports, helps the body regenerate faster and builds muscle mass.
  • Barley and chlorella are functional foods with great benefits for the body. They are used for weight loss, detoxification and improving fitness. They can be eaten during all types of reduction diets and special diets. 
  • If there is no improvement in a person, it is usually due to too short time of green food consumption, too little dosage, or the effect of another factor (stress, little exercise and an excess of calories, lack of sleep, the effect of drugs, specific hormonal problems and others ).

Summary: In their comprehensive contribution to the organism, green foods (chlorella and barley) belong to the regaining and maintenance of a healthy weight. They are not slimming preparations. Their benefit lies in starting the metabolism, cleansing and supporting other related processes, which help to spontaneously reduce weight already at the beginning of consumption. They usually have the opposite effect on malnourished people. However, if we do not manage to influence the weight sufficiently, or the effect is rather the opposite then we would like to focus on more connections. Green foods are a great help in changing lifestyle, diets, reduction diets, and processes aimed at detoxification or muscle mass growth. We can consume them in higher doses and more times during the day in these situations.

Note: Weight and body proportions are influenced by many more factors than just diet, exercise, and the ratio of caloric intake and output. Psyche, emotions, and subconscious beliefs can have a big impact on our weight. Then it is easier to find a real solution and there is no need to worry in a vicious cycle of recitation, physical drill and worries about the yo-yo effect.

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