Coconut bowl candle - Rose

450 g

Coconut Bowl Candle

✔ Artisan-Made
✔ All-Natural
✔ Sustainable Materials
✔ Vegan Friendly

Ignite your passion and invite calm comfort with the AS GreenBeauty Coconut Bowl Candle.

Handcrafted in The Czech Republic with all-natural, eco-conscious materials, the Coconut Bowl Candle is here to help you unwind. Designed with fresh soft scents of Lavender , Sandalwood or others, this is the best smelling coconut candle for those looking to bring the beauty of nature into their space.

Sustainability made for safety, with plenty of planet-friendly materials.

The Coconut Bowl Candle is handmade with sustainable materials like natural soy wax, aroma fragrance oils, eco-friendly wooden wicks, and no harmful paraffin-releasing toxins or CO2.

Benefits Of Aroma Candles:

  • increased relaxation and focus
  • diminishes anxiety and stress
  • benefits sleep
  • promotes clarity and calmness
  • boosts mood

Make You Space Serene
This delightful candle offers the gentle sounds of a cracking fire that relaxes you as you drift into a state of pure relaxation. Set the scene for a serene home with the AS GreenBeauty Coconut Bowl Candle as it fills the air with pure wonder.

The coconut shell candles will burn for up to 45 hours! Create an invigorating environment as you prepare for the day, or release the stress of the outside world behind with the Coconut Bowl Candle.

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