individual consultations

Personal consultations

Medication consulatation

It is a personalized service provided by us (pharmacists). We will review your medications, and discuss the reasons you are taking those medications, potential side effects, and drug interactions to help ensure safe and effective treatment.

Our aims are:

  • Achieving optimal pharmacotherapy
  • Avoiding adverse reactions
  • Explaining the importance of your medication
  • Determining safe combinations of drugs with dietary supplements or food

Complementary medicine

Do you suffer from any medical condition which worries you? It can be for example skin problems, your body weight, blood pressure or cholesterol.
We want to listen to you and assess if we can help further. We focus on the causes of the health issues which we try to resolve. Alternatively, we will recommend you a specialist if you would need help which is beyond our services. 

Disorders which we focus on:

We are specialists in detox programs and we work with our clients on a long-term basis. Our goal is to not provide only one-off service but guide clients on their way, help them ‌overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. By detoxifying our body we support our immune system and clean the body from harmful substances. 

Anti-ageing consultation
Rejuvenate your organism from the inside. Chronological age or the age regarding our date of birth does can differ from the biological one. Biological age is the number expressing the function of our tissues and organs. It does not need to necessarily match the chronological age. We will advise you on how to look fresh, younger and full of energy. 

Healthy lifestyle and prevention

We support a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of health issues through articles and educational videos. Up to 75% of health risk factors can be influenced by a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. During the personal consultation, we will explain why it is important to have green food in our lives and how much it can help us.


Individual consultations

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