price list

Price list


Individual consultations

Medication consultation:

  • Consultation 1-5 drugs: 30 GBP (consultation takes 30 min) 
  • Consultation 6 and more drugs: 55 GBP (consultation takes 60 min)

The consultation also includes information about the client’s health issues and answering questions about prevention and health.

Other individual consultations:

  • 30 min: 65 GBP
  • 60 min: 110 GBP

During individual consultations, we emphasize with our clients and we determine their issues and aims together

Analysis of skincare and dietary supplement products:

  • Analysis 1-5 products: 35 GBP
  • Analysis 6 and more products: 85 GBP

Customers registered in our AS GreenBeauty club receive a 15% discount on all services.


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