skincare product analysis

Skincare product analysis

Analysis of skincare products

Do you use skincare and you are not sure about the safety of the ingredients? Or do you think that your current cosmetics do not match your skin type? We will help you to explain the origin and safety of the ingredients in your cosmetic products. We will advise you which ingredients you should avoid and which are beneficial for your skin as part of the skincare routine. 

What do we need?

Send us the name of the brand and the products which you would like to analyze via the form below or email: (Maximum 10 products)

Analysis includes:

  • The functionality of the products you use
  • If the ingredients are working like they should or we potentially suggest an alternative for you
  • Compatibility of the cosmetic products which you use -  not causing adverse reactions

Do you have any questions?

Write us and we will be happy to help you

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